Pilotest helps you to pass the pilot aptitude tests

Pilot aptitude tests preparation

...for ENAC-EPL exam and AIR FRANCE pilot selection.

Start your training today, to ace the psychotechnical and psychomotor airlines tests. Pilotest's goal is to provide you with a long term preparation that will allow you to take these tests with confidence.

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  • enac-epl exam

    Here you will find everything you need to prepare for the ENAC-EPL U/S/P psychotechnical and psychomotor tests.

    Access a series of tests and preparation materials that will enable you to master the "Psy 1".

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  • air france selection

    Start now your training to ace the Air France psychotechnical and psychomotor tests. Are you applying as a cadet pilot or a professional pilot?

    Do you want to get ahead by improving your overall knowledge long before the assessments? Discover our product for the Air France pilot assessment.

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