Terms and Conditions

Who we are:

The website and the brand pilotest is property of the company:
Pilotest SPRL
Hereafter referred to as THE COMPANY


The training solution available and sold on www.pilotest.com hereafter referred to as THE WEBSITE by THE COMPANY is a subscription giving online access to a selection of tests. These tests are especially designed to allow a private customer hereafter referred to as THE CUSTOMER to prepare for a screening at an airline company or at a pilot school.
The subscriptions are available either for a given duration or until a given day.
During the subscription, the selection of tests will be available at will.


Each contractual relationship between THE COMPANY and THE CUSTOMER shall start upon reception of the payment of the training solution’s subscription purchased on THE WEBSITE. A confirmation receipt of the order will be sent to THE CUSTOMER by email. This email will also the serve as an invoice.
The present contract will be terminated by THE COMPANY at the end of the subscription period chosen by THE CUSTOMER.
Each contractual relationship between THE COMPANY and THE CUSTOMER shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions under the belgium civil law. THE COMPANY will not recognize provisions that are in contradiction or deviate from these Terms and Conditions unless it has expressly approved these provisions in written form. If the contracting party is one of commercial interest, then the contractual relationship shall be governed by a separate agreement on the terms of the contractual relationship. If such an agreement was not concluded, these Terms and Conditions shall be applied alternatively.


Promotion code allows THE CUSTOMER to obtain a discount price on a training solution’s subscription. A promotion code can be used only once.


After the training solution’s subscription is bought, no right of revocation for any reasons will be conceded to THE CUSTOMER.

    THE COMPANY reserves a right to revoke any subscription for the following cases:
  • Copyright violation
  • Sharing the subscription access with someone else (more than 3 IP address identified for a subscription)
  • Any improper use of THE WEBSITE (improper means all actions that could damage THE WEBSITE technically, damage its image, damage its reputation and damage its profitability)
  • Entering incorrect personal information on THE WEBSITE
THE COMPANY will sue anyone in any country responsible for violations enumerated above.
THE COMPANY has the right to share all information about anyone responsible for the violations enumerated above.
If a subscription is revoked, no refund will be possible.
If THE COMPANY is responsible for THE WEBSITE being down for more than a week in a row, refund may be conceded to THE CUSTOMER on the basis of the following count: (subscription price)*(interruption duration/subscription duration).


THE COMPANY chose the fast and reliable payment operator Paypal.
No financial information is kept by THE COMPANY and all transactions are processed directly by Paypal. The connection to Paypal is secured by https in a way that no financial information will be intercepted by anyone.
All prices are mentioned in Euros and are taxes included.
THE CUSTOMER identity should be the same that the payer. Otherwise, THE COMPANY reserves the right to ask THE CUSTOMER a confirmation of the payer’s identity.
Wire payment is possible. If THE CUSTOMER is interested in paying by wire he should contact THE COMPANY by using the contact form on THE WEBSITE.
The subscription will be immediately available only after receipt of the payment to the company’s Paypal account.
In case of refund, it will be done via Paypal only.
For more information about Paypal, please visit Paypal on https://www.paypal.com

Personal statement

THE CUSTOMER is required to enter correct personal information on THE WEBSITE and to keep them up to date.
THE COMPANY has the right to ask THE CUSTOMER to provide proof of his identity or of any other personal details he entered on THE WEBSITE. If THE COMPANY does so, the proof of identity will be deleted as early as it is checked.
THE CUSTOMER is required to keep his personal information up to date on his profile page.
The results of THE CUSTOMER are kept indefinitely by THE COMPANY as far as they intervene in the tests calibration process.
THE COMPANY respects customer privacy rights and will not share customer information with third parties if not required for fulfillment of mutual contractual obligations.
THE COMPANY will not use customer information for marketing purposes without explicit consent of THE CUSTOMER.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements are:

  • PC, 1 Ghz, 512MB Ram /IMac Intel or Mac Pro, 512MB Ram
  • Screen 1024x768 pixels
  • Flash Player 10
  • Internet Explorer (Version ≥ 7) or Safari (Version ≥ 5) or Firefox (version ≥ 3.5) or Chrome (version ≥ 5)
  • High speed internet connection (200 kb/s minimum)
THE CUSTOMER is advised that the plug-in Joyplug.exe that allows joysticks to connect with flash is for the moment only compatible with PC.


THE WEBSITE is AS IS and AS AVAILABLE. THE COMPANY will not endorse responsibility for any disruption in THE WEBSITE availability or bug occurrences. Uninterrupted connectivity of THE WEBSITE, the server and the uninterrupted approachability of support are not warranted to THE CUSTOMER.
THE COMPANY can neither warrant training results THE CUSTOMER obtains using THE WEBSITE nor THE CUSTOMER`s performance outcome in later screening after preparation with THE WEBSITE. Despite a careful research of information and development of THE WEBSITE actual test conditions at the screening site may differ from the tests proposed on THE WEBSITE.



  • May not reproduce any parts of THE WEBSITE for any reasons by any means even for personal use.
  • May not try to use a robot or bot to access, to screen, to mirror, or to download THE WEBSITE.
  • May not share, distribute, or resell his subscription. If THE COMPANY detects that he did so the subscription will be systematically revoked and no refund will be possible.
  • May not enter incorrect personal information.
  • May not use irregular ways to access THE WEBSITE that could damage or impede THE WEBSITE structure or availability.


Any reproduction of THE WEBSITE by any means is strictly prohibited, even for personal use.
The brand pilotest, THE WEBSITE and its content and the logo of pilotest are the properties of THE COMPANY and protected by the international copyright law. Anyone responsible for copyright infringement will be systematically sued in Belgium or/and in his country.
THE COMPANY reserves all rights to communicate to anyone the identity of THE CUSTOMER responsible for copyright infringement.


These Terms & Conditions may be modified without prior warnings. Use of THE WEBSITE means full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. THE CUSTOMER is advised to consult often these Terms & Conditions.

Applicable law

The present Terms and Condition Agreement shall be governed by belgiuem law and shall be interpreted according to Belgium laws and jurisprudence.
As far as possible, the Parties shall have 45 (forty five) business days to seek to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement amicably between them. Should this prove impossible, they shall follow the regular process of law.
All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present Agreement shall be finally settled by the competent courts of Belgium.
Notwithstanding the translation of the present Terms and Condition Agreement into any foreign language, the English text of this agreement shall be governing and controlling.

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