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What is Pilotest?

The Pilotest website is the result of 2 years of labor and of a fruitful cooperation between airline pilots, psychologists specialized in pilot assessment, and IT engineers. You will find test preparation questions specifically designed to allow you to carry out an efficient preparation for the psycho-technical and psycho-motor tests that you will face during the screenings in a flight school or at an airline company.

The Pilotest approach

The Pilotest website was born from the will to democratize the training for psycho-motor and psycho-technical tests that a candidate will be required to take, either when applying at a flight school or when he is assessed at an airline company. It has become necessary to focus on personal preparation rather than to rely on chance and allow everyone to access quality preparation material. Besides, in the global competitive industry many expensive training solutions have emerged- some of which useless.over the past years. By choosing Pilotest you will be sure to access an up-to-date information, an unlimited access to the training materials, all of this for a reasonable price.


Stanin class & skills

Your test results are given not via a standard notation mark which summarizes true and false answers but via a "stanin mark" ranging from 1 to 9. This stanin mark expresses your performances compared to the performances of others. Then, each test results are centered and reduced to be grouped by aptitudes.
For the PILOT APTITUDE TESTS preparation, the skills are categorized as follow: Memorizing, Numerical, Spatial, Psychomotor, Focusing. To be fully confident in your future performance, we recommend that you practice as long as you are not in the green zone of your results report (results page) for every aptitude category.

Results report

The report part divides your performances into skills scores. To do so, the results that intervene in an given skill are centered, reduced and sorted by weight.A skill can either not appear, either appear with a * or appear normally.
If the result used to compute a skill score are missing or too old to be relevant, the skill score won't be displayed at all.
If a skill score can't be worked out precisely, it will be displayed with a *.Whatever the situation may be, the test(s) missing or with stale data are clearly indicated below the report section.

Data taken into account in the results computation

Your results (expressed as stanin classes) are computed using your correct and incorrect answers as well as the time you take to answer questions.
Depending on the test that is considered, other data may be taken into account.

Test calibration

The test calibration phase is aimed at ensuring the reliability of the test and its accuracy. During this phase, all user test results are saved in order to build a reference Gaussian curve. Once the calibration is finished, the test is published online on Pilotest.
When your results are displayed, they are adjusted with the calibration curve that has been previously computed.
Note: tests on Pilotest are continuously re-calibrated with our users' results.

Fill in your profile details correctly

Some of your profile data (age, gender, aeronautical background, academical level) are used to compute your results.Considering an equal performance, a 35 years old woman who didn't go to university will obtain a better result than a 22 years old man with a Master's degree.So please take the time to fill in your profile form as precisely as possible in order to obtain the most accurate results.

Tests design

Pilotest team is a team of airline pilots, psychologists specialized in pilots assessment and IT engineers. In order to allow you to prepare efficiently and successfully, Pilotest develops online tests as close as possible to the ones you will be taking during your screening. Also, website tests are constantly improved and kept up-to-date.

Can I practice as much as I want?

Practicing is the key to success. As a consequence, your Pilotest subscription will offer you full and unrestricted access to all tests.Furthermore, most of the tests are designed with random question generators. You will never see the same question twice!

Questions seem to loop

This can happen. Some tests are designed to dynamically generate new questions, while others contain a limited database of questions. Similarities are sometimes inherent to the test's structure.Pilotest aims not only at training you to achieve the best level as possible, but also at getting you used to certain tricks that will guarantee you deliver your best performance during the assessment.


Sharing a Pilotest account

It is strictly prohibited by our terms and conditions. In order to stay consistent in the test calibration, your account is strictly personal. As such, Pilotest systematically checks your IP, your progress and your sessions history.

Sanctions for sharing an account

If we detect that an account is shared by multiple users, a first warning will be sent and the account will be suspended for 24 hours.In case a new infringement occurs, the subscription will be definitely suspended and no refund will be possible.

Use of personal data

Your personal data remains your property. You have the right to access it and to modify it. To modify or update your personal data, log in to your Pilotest account and go to your "Profile" page (by clicking your name in the profile box). To modify or update data that is not on your profile page, please contact us.

Subscription cancellation

Considering that Pilotest provides an online service, there is no cancellation period. Thus, a subscription will never be refunded once it has been bought. Besides, Pilotest can not be held liable if the user fails the assessment exam.

Pilotest duplication or copy

Any reproduction or copy, partial or complete, of the Pilotest website by any means is strictly prohibited, even for personal use.In the event of reproduction, even partial, of the website, Pilotest will systematically lodge a complaint against the author of such reproductions and will undertake all required legal procedures. In such a situation, we reserve the right to communicate with any other parties about this infringement and its author.The Pilotest website is protected by international copyright laws.

Modify my profile

When you are on the Pilotest website, you can access your profile page by clicking your first name (on your profile box).


Minimal configuration

Pilotest tests are created with Adobe Flash technology.Here is the minimum configuration recommended:
  • PC, 1 Ghz, 512MB Ram / IMac Intel or Mac Pro, 512MB Ram
  • Screen 1024x768 pixels
  • Last Flash Player
  • Internet Explorer (Version ≥ 7) or Safari (Version ≥ 5) or Firefox (version ≥ 3.5) or Chrome (version ≥ 5)
  • High speed internet connection (minimum 200 kb/s)
All the tests that require a joystick are also available in a version that is playable with the keyboard. However, in order to get the best of your training we do recommend that you acquire a joystick in order to recreate in the most realistic manner the conditions you will face on exam day.
Note: we don't provide joysticks and joysticks are not included in the subscription price.

How to use joystick(s)

In order to use joystick(s), you have to download JoyPlug by clicking here.Unzip the file .zip with software such as Winzip. If you need to download it, please visit this link. Plug in your joystick(s) then launch Joystick.exe. Be careful, Joystick.exe must reside besides SDL.dll, SDL_ttf.dll and arial.ttf.
Your Flash application is now able to automatically detect joysticks.
Note: at the time of writing, Joyplug is not compatible with MacOS.

Joystick calibration

All tests that use joysticks include a calibration phase. During this phase you have to move the joystick in the mentioned position or to press the button. While maintaining the joystick or button in its position, click on the "calibrate" button.Once you have completed all the required calibrations (all the necessary joystick/button positions are known), your application is on next to begin the test.
Caution : many users have struggled with the calibration phase. Indeed, using for example the PILOT APTITUDE deviation test, as soon as the test starts, the two needles are respectively stuck down and left. It is due to the axis position during calibration. Indeed, when you click on "Calibrate" it will take a snapshot of your joystick's positioning. If at this instant an axis is not correctly positioned, it will be remembered and create undesired and unpredictable results. You have to make sure that every axis that does not take part in the calibration is positioned on neutral. Note that the zero position is the middle (for example, for a thrust lever, the neutral positioned is half-way and not "released").
To visualize the real axis position with Windows:
  • With XP : Configuration Pannel => Game controller => Select the joystick => Property
  • With Vista or Seven => Windows key + R => Type joy.cpl then Enter => Select the joystick => Property
You are now able to visualize each axis position. The cross must be centered and the other possible axis (Z, thrust, gauge...) must be on neutral (in the middle).

Calibration recording

Your calibration is saved on your computer with a Flash cookie. Make sure that you have allocated enough disk space to save this cookie (at least 50 ko). To check, click on this link.Note : the configuration is done online on Adobe's website. Remember to let your browser save cookies otherwise your flash cookies will be systematically erased.

Joystick detection

JoyPlug detects joysticks that are identified by your operating system (for Windows XP, Vista or 7: about 99% of the joysticks).If JoyPlug doesn't detect your joysticks, make sure that your joystick is correctly detected by your operating system (as described in "Joysticks calibration")

Test stuck on "Loading..."

Make sure that you are connected to your Pilotest account and that your session has not expired.

Use Pilotest offline

It's not possible. The online test needs your browser to be connected to the website.

Other technical problem

Don't hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 48 hours (two working days).


What is Paypal ?

Paypal is a reliable and safe payment solution provider.For more information about Paypal, please visit this link

Payment means (Paypal)

Paypal offers two payment ways: you can either pay directly by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or login with your Paypal account and proceed with the payment.In both cases the payment is 100% secured by an SSL connection.No credit card information will ever be transmitted to Pilotest.

Wire transfer payment

You also have the possibility to pay by wire transfer (SWIFT). Once your Pilotest account is created, please contact us and indicate the subscription you are interested in. We will give you a code to include in the wire subject field and our bank coordinates.
Note: your subscription will be activated once we receive the payment. Be advised that a wire payment may take up to a week to complete.

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