CUT-E tests, prepare for the online assessment

A short history of the CUT-E tests

Easy Jet candidates (CH and UK) take the CUT-E tests.
Easy jet use the CUT-E tests
The first CUT-E tests were originally created in 2002. They are of a new type of cognitive aptitudes assessment tools designed to be taken online. They don't require a physical presence anymore. They are often used as a preselection means to reduce the cost of a screening where candidates apply in droves. The CUT-E tests ergonomy is based on gamification and the tests rules are easy to understand. However, note that this apparent simplicity may hide in fact a rigourous selectivity. In 2017, CUT-E tests were acquired by the AON group, thus becoming a giant in recruitment and professional assessment. CUT-E tests are worldwide used for pilots selection assessment whether by airline companies or pilot schools.

Who use the CUT-E tests for pilots screening?

CUT-E tests are used at Aer Lingus to scrutinize pilots and cadets applicants.
Aer Lingus applicants take the CUT-E tests
Here is a non-exhaustive list of companies or flight training schools that use the online CUT-E tests to scrutinize and select pilot applicants:

→ Aer Lingus, Easy Jet, Dragonair (only for cadets), Swiss (DEC), Etihad,, L3/CTC, Norwegian, Scoot, Thai Airways, Finnair, FlyDubai.

If you happen to take the CUT-E tests in another company or flight school that is not listed above or if one of these companies doesn't ask for the CUT-E tests anymore, please contact us and we will update the list above.

Why taking the CUT-E assessment?

CUT-E tests are part of the selection process at Norwegian
CUT-E tests are also used at Norwegian
When you apply at an airline company or a pilot school, the selection outcome is highly commiting for both of you and your future employer. It involves not only the aviation safety but mostly financial matters. Indeed, the sum at stakes for an ab-initio training often exceeds 100.000 Eur. Thus, a recruitment decision represents a long-term investment for an airline company which tries to statistically reduce its technical or human risks while maintaining a training cost within acceptable limits. The purpose of the CUT-E tests is precisely to oversee and maintain such a risk as low as possible by measuring the correlation between this risk and the applicant tests results.

Should I train before taking the CUT-E tests?

CUT-E tests allow a recruiter to judge at the candidate psychomteric aptitudes
CUT-E tests are used worldwide
Yes! Training has almost become a mandatory phase for anyone willing to pass the CUT-E tests. However, rather than a cramming just few days before the session, we advise you to use Pilotest to identify the psychometric aptitudes that you lack. Don't hesitate to explore the whole website tests to diversify your training and to progress. Moreover, note that you will certainely receive the CUT-E email very few days before the assessment. Don't wait for it to practice. We encourage you to train long time ahead of the assessment to carry out a thorough preparation.

Prepare for the CUT-E tests with Pilotest

L3 academy has recently changed and use now the CUT-E tests
L3 screening includes the CUT-E tests
The tests we have developed to prepare the CUT-E assessment recreate with ultra realisitc conditions your upcoming exam. Your tests results are given not only as a classical mark (%) but above all as a stanin class. A stanine class represents your position next to the other website users. Since the vast majority of pilots train on Pilotest, this result is all the more relevant. We advise you to target a class 6 in every aptitudes involved and no tests result below 3.
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