COMPASS - Basic coordination

Involved aptitudes

This test will judge your hand-feet coordination ability. It is especially fitted to prepare for the COMPASS (ab-initio pilot). If you are an experienced pilot, please refer to the coordination COMPASS test.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


With the joystick lateral axis or the rudder pedals, keep the ball centered. With the joystick vertical axis, keep the needle horizontal. You can also play with the keyboard arrow keys ↑↓ and the keys X and C.

COMPASS - Basic coordination


The basic COMPASS coordination test as it is presented on our site.


This test lasts 3min30.

About gamepads

For your comfort you can practice this test either with a real gamepad, or with the virtual on-screen gamepad, or with your keyboard. However, in order to get the best of your training we do recommend that you acquire a joystick in order to recreate in the most realistic manner the conditions you will face on exam day.
See this part of the FAQ, to handle with gamepads calibration.

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