COMPASS - Spatial orientation

Involved aptitudes

This test focuses on your spatial ability to interprate and locate yourself via a set of reading and numerical informations. It is especially designed to train for the COMPASS tests.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


3 dials give a position in 2D space. You must infer which aircraft corresponds. Frome left to right, you are given the following dials: a compass gives the aircraft magnetic heading. An artificial horizon gives the attitude. A plane with an arrow (respectively red, green, or grey) descends, climbs or flies levelled. A left, vertical or right arrow indicates the turn direction. A plane with no arrow is levelled and flying ahead. Finally, the orange needle of the right dial (RMI) points toward the NDB (the star at the middle).

COMPASS - Spatial orientation


In this example, the heading is 050°. Besides, the plane rolls 60° on its left and flies levelled. The NDB is on a 30° relative left bearing. Correct answer is 1).


You must answer 20 questions in 4mins.

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