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Diagramming is a logical reasoning test. Objective of Diagramming is to apply commands that indicate changes in symbol columns and deduce the resulting column arrangement.

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You are presented with a reference column that compiles a set of symbols in vertical arrangement. Each symbol is assigned to an operator that indicates either a change in the respective symbol or a change in the arrangement of symbols within the column. Right hand of reference you are presented with a set of multiple choice columns. You are to apply operator commands to reference column symbols and identify the column from the multiple choice selection that states the adjusted symbol graphics and array.
You must proceed in the following order and ALWAYS from TOP to BOTTOM:
At first: map and apply commands that delete the previous or next command:

  • : cancel previous command.
  • : cancel next command.

Then: map and apply the following commands that duplicate, switch, copy or delete symbols:
  • : move symbol to position above.
  • : move symbol to position below.
  • : swap with symbol above.
  • : swap with symbol below.
  • : reverse order within current column.
  • : delete the symbol.
  • : delete next symbol.
  • : delete previous symbol.
  • : duplicate symbol to above.
  • : duplicate symbol to below.
  • : duplicate symbol to column top.
  • : duplicate symbol to column bottom.

Finally: Map and apply the following commands that change symbol color or alignment:
  • : set colors to black.
  • : set colors to white.
  • : swap symbol colors.
  • : rotate symbol by 180°.
  • : rotate symbol by 90° to the right.
  • : rotate symbol by 90° to the right.
  • : flip horizontal.
  • : flip vertical.



If you name symbols 1) to 6) from top to bottom, you will see that:

  • 1) is colored in black.
  • 2) is copied onto 6).
  • 3) is rotated by 90° to the left.
  • 4) is copied onto 5).
  • but 5) is moved onto 4) (5) is deleted).
  • 6) is swaped with 5).
The correct answer is 4)


You must perform 30 questions in 10 minutes.

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