CUT-E - Flower pot

Involved aptitudes

This test measures your multi-tasking capability to carry out different tasks at the time. It is especially designed to prepare for the CUT-E tests.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


At the same time you must:
Bucket: move the bucket left or right so as to catch the falling flower.
Letters: press "Correct" if a letter is contained twice and "Wrong" if no letter is duplicated.
Equation: work out the result to answer whether the equation is "Correct" or "Wrong".

CUT-E - Flower pot


Bucket: move the bucket laterally so as to catch the falling flower.
Equation: 2-5*8 = 2*-19 = -38. The equation is correct so press "Correct".
Letters: "R" is duplicated so press "Correct".


The test includes 30 flowers to catch. You must process as many questions (equations and letters) as possible while priorising the flowers.

More details

Move the bucket laterally with the mouse or the finger on a touchscreen.

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