MOLLYMAWK - Working memory

Involved aptitudes

This test screens your working memory and your inductive ability. It especially designed to train for the MOLLYMAWK Working Memory test.

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You play again a computer. One after the other, you must select a symbol in the central line. Once the symbol is selected, it will be read out. If possible, select the target symbol in green above. Never select the forbidden symbol in red below. You should select nor the computer choice (which war just read out) neither the computer preceding target symbol (which was circled with green). To know who is playing, check the symbol at the top left. A computer scren indicates the computer turn while a user symbol indicates your turn. Note that for many cases, different answers are equally acceptable. To start the test, click on your target symbol in green.

MOLLYMAWK - Working memory


Let's imagine that the computer has choosen the pizza while he had previously a truck as target. Those two symbols are forbidden to you. The bed is also forbidden since it has a red border. So you have no other choice but to select the bike.


A test includes 20 questions between you and the computer.

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