Global Multitasking

Involved aptitudes

This test actually consists of four individual tasks which basically test your hand eye coordination, short term memory & multitasking skills. You have to manage and perform all these tasks simultaneously on your computer screen with the help of a joystick, a number keypad/keyboard and a headset.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


The primary task consists in maintaining the ILS cross as centered as possible with the joystick, virtual joystick or keyboard arrow keys. The second task is to handle with the 9 boxes on each side. Press the respective button on keypad as per which box lights up. The third task is to memorize a serie of 2 6 digits numbers that are displayed on the screen. After a while the system will pause your test by itself automatically and ask you you to enter these numbers. Then your test will be resumed back on its own where it was. The fourth task is to pay attention to the audio numbers serie. Press "E" when you hear 3 consecutive even numbers. Press "O" when you hear 3 consecutive odd numbers. Use the dedicated buttons if you play with a joystick.

Global Multitasking


Keep the pink cross centered. Memorize for later recall 249908. Press 9 on the keypad to extinguish the red warning. Imagine that you have heard 2-4-8. You must press "E" (or the dedicated button on your joystick) because you've heard 3 consecutive even numbers.


The test lasts 10 minutes.

About gamepads

For your comfort you can practice this test either with a real gamepad, or with the virtual on-screen gamepad, or with your keyboard. However, in order to get the best of your training we do recommend that you acquire a joystick in order to recreate in the most realistic manner the conditions you will face on exam day.
See this part of the FAQ, to handle with gamepads calibration.

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