CUT-E - Relative bearing indicator

Involved aptitudes

This test measures your sense of orientation via basic aircraft instruments reading. It is especially designed to prepare for the CUT-E tests.

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Select the aircraft flying the direction indicated by the GYRO and choose the zone (1 to 8) indicated by the RBI. The GYRO allways indicates the aircraft heading while The aircraft points towards the RBI "N". The RBI yellow needle points towards the NDB which is symbolized by the circles middle of the 1 to 8 positions.

CUT-E - Relative bearing indicator


The aircraft is heading South (GYRO) while the NDB is 45° (Bearing) on the right of the aircraft. Choose the positions selected in green. Note that the indications in pink were added for better comprehension.


You must perform 20 questions in 4 minutes.

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