CUT-E - Runway multi-tasks

Involved aptitudes

This test assesses your ability to multi-task. Keep a moving object in a given space while striving the best accuracy and completing disturbing tasks. It is especially designed to prepare for the CUT-E tests.

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At the same time you must:
Runway: you must move the runway up or down to have the plane landed safely on it.
Letters: press "Correct" if a letter is contained twice and "Incorrect" if no letter is redundant.
Equation: work out the result to answer whether the equation is "Correct" or "Incorrect".

CUT-E - Runway multi-tasks


Plane: move the runway so as to have the plane landed on it.
Letters: you see that no letter is contained twice. So you must press "Incorrect".
Equation: 5 - (6 - 2)*5 is -75/5. The equation is true so you must press "Correct".


The test includes 30 planes to land. You must process as many questions (equations and letters) as possible while priorising the plane landing.

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You can move the runway up and down either with the mouse or your finger on a touchscreen.

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