CUT-E - Find the missing shape

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This online assessment measures deductive logical ability. It is especially designed to prepare for the CUT-E tests.

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Each task of the test consists of a grid containing several objects. Each object appears only once per row and per column. The task is to figure out what object should be in the cell mark with the question mark. If a question requires several steps, it may be helpful to mark the intermediate steps. If you press an empty cell, a symbol will appear on the top left corner. Press it as many times as necessary to select the symbol you need. This helps you finding the solution. The correction is displayed on the right bottom corner.

CUT-E - Find the missing shape


On this example, you had to fill in the cell with a green border. If you mentally reconsruct the grid, you will deduce that only a square can fill in this cell.


This test includes 15 questions. Each question must be performed in 60 seconds.

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