COMPASS - Short memory

Involved aptitudes

This test assesses at your short term memory. It is especially designed to train for the COMPASS tests.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


Aeronautical parameters such as Frequency, Altitude, Heading and Speed are given. Memorize them for later recall. One or some of them will be erased. Input them one by one preceded by F,A,H,S depending on their type and press Enter to validate each of them.

COMPASS - Short memory


Let's imagine you have memorized Altitude: 3100, Speed: 444, Heading: 014, Frequency: 11945. Now let's imagine that Altitude and Heading have disapeared. You must input A3100 then press "Enter" then H014 then press "Enter". The restitution ordre is no matter.


You must perform 10 series of 4 parametres each in 40 seconds. Each serie has 1 to 3 missing parameters. Difficulty increased through the test.

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