PILAPT® - Squares and circles

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This test assesses your spatial ability.

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You will hear a sentence. This sentence contains an adjective ("positive" or "negative"), a side ("left" or "right") and an object ("circle" or "square"). You must determine how many puppets verify or don't verify the given assertion. Caution: the adjective "positive" or the absence of adjective require to count puppets that satisfy the assertion while "negative" requires to count puppets that don't satisfy it. You must input the result (0,1,2 or 3) by using the numerical buttons.

PILAPT® - Squares and circles


Let's say that the assertion is "Negative Right Circle". Only the middle puppet hasn't a circle in its right hand. Then the answer is 1.


You must perform 30 questions in 3 minutes. The speed of the exercice increases all along the test.

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