PILAPT® - Multi-task

Involved aptitudes

This test assesses your psychomotor skills in a complex environment in order to determine your ability to prioritize tasks while handling multiple ones at the same time.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


The rules of each subtest test are:
Deviation: keep the cross centered with the joystick.
Numbers: you will hear a number with every figure. Each time the difference between two numbers changes, press the trigger (space bar for keyboard / trigger button on virtual keyboard) and memorize the new difference.
Shapes: you will hear a shape and a color. The shapes are then displayed. As soon as the shapes with the corresponding color is displayed, press the trigger, input this color by pressing on B,G,Y,R respectively for colors Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and input the shape figure (via the numerical pad).

PILAPT® - Multi-task


Let's imagine this serie was preceded by "Yellow Circle". Since a yellow circle is displayed, you must press in this order: the trigger ☞ - Yellow - "3"
Let's imagine now that numbers read were "865", "861", "857", "853", and "850". The difference between 2 numbers has changed from 4 to 3. So you must press the trigger.


This test lasts 5 minutes.

About gamepads

For your comfort you can practice this test either with a real gamepad, or with the virtual on-screen gamepad, or with your keyboard. However, in order to get the best of your training we do recommend that you acquire a joystick in order to recreate in the most realistic manner the conditions you will face on exam day.
See this part of the FAQ, to handle with gamepads calibration.

More details

To get prepared for this test, don't hesitate to practice the Cross test. Note that for QWERTY (respectively AZERTY) keyboards, the Q,W,E,R (respectively A,Z,E,R) keys are linked with colors green, yellow, blue, red. We recommend you to stick coloured dots on those keys to train efficientely!

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