CUT-E - Triangle

Involved aptitudes

This test measures your multi-tasking capability. It is especially designed to prepare for the CUT-E tests.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


You are presented with three different tasks. You are required to work through these simultaneously.
Triangles: there are many symbols on top including a triangle pointing the left or right. Recognize which direction the triangle is pointing and click the respective symbol at the bottom.
Equations: check if it is right or wrong.
Letters: sequencies of random choosen letters from the phonetic alphabet are played. Check if any of the letters have been duplicated.

CUT-E - Triangle


Triangles: the triangle on the top is pointing left. So you must click on the left bottom button.
Equations: the equation -52 + 14 = 17 - (15*5 - 20) = -38 is correct. So press on "Correct".
Letters: let's imagine that the letters played were A..J..A..Q..K..L..V..O. You must press "Duplicate" because there are 2 "A".


This test includes 30 triangles.

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