INTERPERSONAL - Weighing scales

Involved aptitudes

This test judges your ability for logical thinking and numerical deduction.

▇ Aptitude(s) with respective weight(s)


The top and middle weighing scales are in balance. Choose the shapes that will balande the bottom scale if by replacing the brick with a question mark.

INTERPERSONAL - Weighing scales


The top scale gives Cross + 2 Stars = 3 Triangles + Circle. The middle scale gives Circle + 2 Triangles = Star + Cross. Replace the Circle and 2 of the 3 Triangles in the right part of the top scale with a Star and Cross. It gives Cross + 2 Stars = Triangle + Star + Cross. Remove Cross and Star on both sides wich gives Star = Triangle. The answer is 3°).


This test lasts 12 minutes and includes 20 questions.

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