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Aptitude tests that candidates are asked to complete during an airline or school pilot assessment are key factors in the hiring decision. In fact, your recruiter will often base his or her judgements on your test results, and use these to assess your ability to succeed in your training or your ability to cope with your new company standards. Pilotest's goal is to provide you with a long term preparation that will allow you to take these tests with confidence.

Cathay Pacific Selections(Also available in Cathay Pacific Selections)

Prepare yourself for the Cathay Pacific pilot selection psychomotor and psychotechnical tests. Discover the full range of our tests enabling you to undertake the stages of the selection process without surprise and to enter the company’s training program.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER Boeing
Air France pilot assessment (Available in Air France pilot assessment )

Start now your training to ace the Air France psychotechnical and psychomotor tests. Are you applying as a cadet pilot or a professional pilot? Do you want to get ahead by improving your overall knowledge long before the assessments? Discover our product for the Air France pilot assessment.

Air France
EPL tests preparation (Available in EPL tests preparation )

Here you will find everything you need to prepare for the ENAC-EPL U/S/P psychotechnical and psychomotor tests. Access a series of tests and preparation materials that will enable you to master the "Psy 1".

Be 58 used for IRME
Exam news
Preparation to Cathay Pacific examinations (10-10-2013)

Our team is happy to introduce a new product to help you prepare the Cathay Pacific examinations.
Whether you are a beginner or already an airline professional, you'll have to undergo a series of psychometric and psychotechnical exams designed to test your ability to become a pilot. Among these tests are the Raven matrices, the mathematical piece of the GMA and other psychometric tests. Don't leave it to chance, and let us help you with our professional preparation!
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